Digital Imaging Technician

Sam Spurgeon GBCT | Digital Imaging Technician | DIT

I am a DIT based in London, UK. I work in narrative features/drama, commercials and promos. The services I provide include:

  • Workflow design
  • Help with exposure
  • On set colour and dailies creation
  • Digital lab
  • Secure offload
  • Verification
  • Quality control

As Digital Imaging Technician I can design production-specific workflows. This creates a robust pipeline between shoot and post without compromising on the needs of either.

Please have a look at my CV and Credit list and for bookings, either contact me direct or use my Agency, details below.

Contact Details

Diary: Digital Orchard / 0203 430 6400 /

Direct: 07726 567 403


Twitter: @SamSpurgeon

CV and Credits: sam_spurgeon_cv.pdf